Importance of preventative maintenance of the UPS

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In the business environment, the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is arguably the most crucial machine. Companies, institutions and other large facilities heavily rely on it for operations. If one wants to achieve steady operation of machines such as computers and printers, the UPS must be present. If not, they may get damaged or they could lose valuable data that had not been saved. 

Buying the UPS is one thing. And maintaining its proper functioning is another. Proper servicing ensures that the gadget will not crash leading to potential harm to your business machines. Most companies that supply the UPS also offer servicing for their clients. One should confirm from the dealer where they bought. But even if the dealer does not offer free servicing, that is not a reason not to properly maintain the UPS. 

Are power interruptions preventable?

In developed economies, just as in the developing world, power generation companies interrupt power to maintain their lines, cable, and poles. In addition, when connecting rural areas, they have to first disconnect the areas already with power so as to connect cables before finally switching on the power. 

Adverse weather conditions such as storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis and wildfires contribute a lot to power blackouts. Since they are natural causes, interruption of electricity supply is unpreventable. Therefore, what we must prevent is the harm likely to be caused by such outages.

The most common fault experienced by businesses the world over is power interruption. Whether it is by mechanical fault, vandalism or by deliberate human action, power outages are common and are here to stay.

Understand the role of the UPS

Most people do not really understand what the machine is and what it is designed to do. It is basically a pack of batteries that are made with components that cannot stop the batteries from working even if power was interrupted. This way, it protects electrical and electronic appliances from harmful electric consequences. 

This gadget only preserves power for a short time, allowing you to save work on your computers and to safely shut them down. It does not provide alternative power for sustainable operations. If in need of backup power after lights are out, any manager will have to invest in standby generators.

Another risk that the UPS protects against is the risk of voltage variations. Such differences are can originate from the source of power generation or somewhere along the transmission. In addition, frequency variations are a common thing. These two can irreparably damage your machines.

Let experts maintain the UPS

Your UPS should come with a warranty from the dealer. Ensure you keep the warranty card safely in case you need them to fix it. But before the machine reaches a point of attracting the attention of the warranty, proper maintenance is needed.

It is possible to get quick tit bits and dos and don’ts about how to maintain your UPS machines yourself. Most manufacturers are available online to offer real time solutions. Different manufacturers have varied methods and plans for maintenance. So visit their website to get specific help.

You will get invaluable information and help on infrastructure management, efficiency and technical support. Similarly, you can contact them to confirm the local service centre where experts will attend to the specific problem of your UPS.

Basic cleaning, care and testing

As the user of the setup, you are the first person to ensure proper function. Regular cleaning can go a long way into preserving the life of your machines. Basic exercises such as dusting and wiping ensure no dirt goes into the machine.
When power is interrupted, it is advisable to put the UPS off. You do not want to risk the possibility of power resuming with unregulated voltages. Therefore, when the appliances loaded into the system are not in use, it is best to switch all of them off.

Advanced diagnosis

Modern UPS systems enable you to monitor its functions by detecting errors and identifying problems. They enable technicians to diagnose the risk, service and replace specific components without disabling the whole system of loads.

Other models give the user some warning of the potential danger. Such warning can arise after the system has been overloaded with machines. In such cases, it is best to shut down as many operations as possible. Some systems are advanced and can do a complete and safe self-shutdown of the machines when it detects faults such as low battery.

When buying the UPS, ensure you get a card with schedules for maintenance. A schedule is basically a time table indicating dates when you should have the gadget serviced. Just like a vehicle has its oiled checked and replaced, this machine needs to have its batteries checked and backed up regularly.

Write a checklist for maintenance

Construct a checklist to record instances of specific maintenance procedures. This way, the user has in mind when components and functions the UPS need to be maintained next. After every two months, ensure you inspect the equipment visually to detect and fix loose connections or any sign of tear and wear.

After every four months, visually inspect for any contamination of capacitors, batteries and such components. Use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to clean the enclosed parts of the UPS. This rids it of any dust particles that may be trapped inside.

After every six months or so, ensure you scan all electrical connections. This guarantees that they are tight. If they are not, the technician should repair or replace them to ensure they do not generate heat. Since the cells of the batteries usually have a shelf life, test them and have them replaced if they are close to being used up.

Tools for maintaining a UPS

Technicians need a variety of tools depending on the intensity of repair and maintenance. For any operation, whether basic or advanced, one will need equipment to protect oneself against bodily harm. This includes gloves, shielding glasses and overalls.
Some of the basic tools include digital multimeter for testing the voltages of appliances. In addition, they will require vacuums, manuals from the manufacturers, records and maintenance schedules.

For advanced checks, one will need a thermal imaging unit to detect short circuits, loose elements and corroded connections. In other cases, one will need multimeter software to download the information from the system to a computer. This will help to pinpoint the problem during diagnosis.

Maintenance of the UPS is highly important for correct and optimal functioning. Businesses these days cannot be operated without a power management plan that includes how to counter interruptions. Where one is not sure, consult the manufacturer remotely, online or on phone.

Choose the Best UPS Battery Testing Service Today

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an important device that can provide emergency energy supply for several devices effectively. Most people usually want to use this UPS unit for their servers, computers, electric devices, and many other important devices. This unit is usually supported by long lasting and durable battery. It is important for all users to take a good care of this battery. There are some useful tips that people can follow, so they can maintain the quality of this battery. It is important to have regular UPS battery testing for checking the capacity of this battery regularly. 

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Benefits of Having UPS Battery Testing

1. Determine the lifespan of the battery

Many people are interested with the battery testing procedure because of this reason. They should be able to determine the lifespan of their UPS batteries easily. Most UPS batteries are able to last for a few years before they need to be replaced with the new ones. Rechargeable batteries usually have long lasting and durable performance for supporting the UPS unit. It is very important to predict the lifespan of the UPS batteries for maintaining the quality of these items properly. 

2. Predict the time for replacing the battery

This is another benefit that is offered by this battery testing. This method can be used to predict the time for replacing the UPS batteries. The accuracy of this prediction relies on the accuracy of the testing method. There are some testing methods that can be used to predict the replacement period for these UPS batteries. This result is required by all business owners who want to take care of their UPS units properly. It is important for them to replace any UPS batteries on time, so they can get maximum benefits from their UPS units. 

3. Find broken parts around the battery

This is another reason why people should have proper battery testing for their UPS units. Some testing procedures can be used to find some broken parts around the battery effectively. There are some problems or broken parts that may occur in some UPS batteries. Therefore, people need to take a look at these broken parts completely. All users should be able to fix any problems that can be caused by these broken parts effectively. When they fix these problems, they can improve the efficiency of all UPS batteries significantly. They can maximize the function of their UPS units effectively. 

4. Find the best ways for improving the battery efficiency

When people are testing the battery capacity, they should be able to analyze the performance of their UPS batteries. They can also learn about the best ways for improving the battery efficiency properly. Most UPS batteries should be maintained properly, so they can function well without consuming a lot of energy level. Some battery testing services are able to improve the power efficiency of their clients’ UPS batteries. This testing is able to find and address the inefficient battery problems quickly. This is another reason why people should consider doing the UPS battery testing regularly. 

Hire the Best Battery Testing Service

There are some professional and reliable battery testing services that are available today. People can choose the best one that is suitable for their needs. This service can help all business owners do several battery testing procedures for their UPS batteries. It is important to select the best service that has good reputation among many customers these days. Here are some useful tips that people can follow, so they can find the best testing service for analyzing their UPS batteries’ capacity. There are some essential factors that should be considered by all business owners these days.

1. Find reputable service 

This is the first thing that people have to do, so they can find the best battery testing service for their UPS units. It is important to compare some available services before choosing the best company. There are some reputable companies that have good reputation among their clients. When people choose the reputable companies, they should be able to rely on the service quality from these companies. It is recommended for all potential buyers to check some reviews from other customers. These reviews can give proper insights or testimonials about certain high quality services. 

2. Check the testing method

Different companies may have their own UPS battery testing methods. There are several common methods that can be used to check the battery capacity effectively. People can find three most common testing methods for analyzing their batteries’ capacity. They are real load discharge test, impedance test, and also load bank test. Each test has its own benefits and disadvantages for all uses. All users can compare some available services from different companies, so they can find the right method for testing their UPS batteries effectively. The testing method is very important to determine the results of all available testing methods. 

3. Compare their prices

Price becomes an important thing that all people should consider today. It is recommended for them to compare some available battery testing services, so they can find some available rates. Some companies can provide quote for all new customers. This quote can be used by all new customers for analyzing all available prices from different companies. People can also find some available discounts or deals that are offered by some UPS battery testing services. Price should be considered by all people who want to test their UPS batteries effectively. 

They are some useful tips that can guide people to choose the right battery testing service easily. There are some professional services that are available today. People can select the best service that is suitable for their needs. UPS battery testing should be done regularly, so people can maintain the quality and durability of their UPS batteries. This testing procedure should be done by professionals who know how to test any UPS batteries correctly. Hire the best battery testing service that has good reputation among many users these days. It is very important to take care of any UPS units properly. This unit should be maintained well, so it can last for a long time.